With this charter, King Stefan Dabiša confirmed Dubrovnik's privileges given to the city by his predecessors, who were "Serbian, Rascian and Bosnian lords" and all other contracts and charters bestowed by King Stefan Tvrtko I in 1378. Dubrovnik forced king Dabiša to confirm its old privileges by refusing to pay long established tribute to him, more precisely, Svetomitarski (Serbian tax) and Ston tax.

Serbian tax - an annual tributary of 2000 perpers which the people of Dubrovnik paid to the Serbian state so they could conduct free trade. Mitrovdan (St. Demetrius day) became the accepted payment deadline. Since the moment Tvrtko inherited the Serbian throne in 1377, this income was paid to the Kotromanići dynasty.

After consulting with his wife, Jelena, and his nobility, Dabiša decided to issue a charter guaranteeing Dubrovnik’s old privileges. On this occasion, the charter of king Tvrtko I from 1382 was especially emphasized. Reason being that within that charter, Dubrovnik obliged itself to pay the Serbian tax every year on St. Demetrius day. The Charter is written in Serbian language and Cyrillic alphabet - diplomatic minuscule, at the end of which was stamp of king Dabiša, 3 cm in diameter, placed.The seal consists of a shield, a helmet with a mantle, a crown and a crest. The shield field is divided into two segments by a diagonal line. Each segment holds three lilies. The inscription on the seal is written in majuscule Gothic letters of the Latin alphabet: STEPHI DABISSE D(EI) G(RATIA) REGI RASIE E(T CETERA). The original charter has been preserved and is located in the State Archive in Dubrovnik. So far, the Charter has been published in: Pavle Karano-Tvrtković, Serbian Monuments 104-106; Franc Miklošić, Monumenta Serbica, 220-222; Stojan Novaković, Legal Monuments, 209-210; Srđan Rudić, Old Serbian Archive 6, 167-182.

Literature: Srđan Rudić, Charter of the king Stefan Dabiša to Dubrovnik, Old Serbian Archive 6, Belgrade, 2007, 167-182.


In the beginning of the Father, the fulfillment of the Son and the arrival of the Holy Spirit, who at the beginning, founded Heaven with beautiful intent and willed the creation  of the universe, the Merciful, who out of mercy descended from the heavens to earth and the human nature, fallen in sin, made godly and raised into the heavens. Thus was all nonexistent into existent made, thus were the lost sheep of house of Israel to their truthful shepherd, God all sustaining, returned, thus are imperial scepters across the universe affirmed and proudly celebrate God all sustaining. So was I, Stefan Dabiša, by mercy of the Lord, king of Serbs, Bosnia and Primorje, made worthy to rule in the land of my parents and ancestors, to execute justice and to obey the rules, to give mercy and laws, to give my word to the cities and to that which I rule, the small and the great, to everyone according to his dignity, and so my Kingdom stands in peace and glory. And then, at the glorious court of my Kingdom in Trstivnica, noble and wise men arrived, lords and heralds from the glorious city of Dubrovnik, Stefan Lukarević and Rafail Gučetić, with worthy and expensive gifts and honors from the mentioned city of Dubrovnik, the nobility and the Municipality. And the aforementioned heralds, with every love, asked from us and sought for the treaties, laws, and the freedoms of the said city, which they had in charters with our parents and ancestors, with the Serbian, Rascian and Bosnian lords, so that We, according to the custom of the said lords, confirm and establish their freedoms, laws, and contracts and charters of our predecessors, the Serbian, Rascian and Bosnian lords. And we, hearing and understanding their similar, reasonable and appropriate requests, and after consultation with high lady, by God given my queen lady Jelena, and the nobility and lords of my Kingdom, my Kingdom graced the mentioned city of Dubrovnik, its nobles and the Municipality of Dubrovnik by all our deeds and charters - for their friendship we confirmed all the charters made by the mentioned Serbian, Rascian and Bosnian lords, and charter by the lord king Stefan Tvrtko which he issued to the mentioned city on 10th April of the 1378th year since the birth of Christ, and all the other charters and liberties, laws and contracts, the previous and latest, which issued unto them the aforementioned lord king Stefan Tvrtko, may it forever be given, firmly and indisputably, to the said city and its Municipality from us and our successors; likewise, may they always be confident in all mentioned charters and laws, contracts and privileges received from the said Serbian, Rascian and Bosnian lords. And the mentioned nobility and heralds of Dubrovnik received and pledged to give my Kingdom, from the mentioned city and Municipality the Serbian tax, two thousand Dubrovnik perper dinars, each year on the Dmitrov Day, according to the law and agreement in the same manner they also gave to our brother, saintly deceased lord king Stefan Tvrtko. And, on the writing above I swore, king Stefan Dabiša with, by God given unto me lady queen Jelena, on the Holy Gospel and at the honorable Cross of the Lord, and with the nobility of the Kingdom: with the duke Hrvoje, with the duke Vlatko Usorski, with the knyaz Stipoje Hrvatinić , with knyaz Radosav Pribinić, with knyaz Dobrosav Divošević, with tepačija Batal, with knyaz Gojak Dragosalić, zupan Tvrdisav Tuica, with knyaz Vučihna Vlatković, with knyaz Voisav Vojvodić, with knyaz Vukac Nartičić, zupan Radoje Radosalić, zupan Jurje Tihčinović, with the member of the court Stanac Prekušić.

And everything to be permanent and undeniable for our life and theirs. Who would profane or deny - let all the curses fall upon him, and may he be cursed by God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and by all those who are pleasant to God. Written in the honorable army of my kingdom in Donji Kraj, in Lušci, by the hand of my dear servant logothete Tomaš on July 17th of the 1392nd year since the birth of Lord Christ.

Stefan Dabiša, by grace of Lord, king of Serbs, Bosnia and Primorje, and lady queen Jelena.