In the beginning of the 1399 king Stefan Ostoja issue three different charters to Dubrovnik. In charter from 15th of January 1399, he sold Slan coastline to Dubrovnik while on the same day sending scribe Stipan Dobrijević to collect the Serbian tax from Dubrovnik. Document from 5th of February 1399 king Ostoja reaffirmed grants given by his predecessors to Dubrovnik, particularly alluding on document issued by king Stefan Tvrtko I Kotromanić, from 10th of April 1378. Charter is being preserved in Dubrovnik archive.

Literature: Old Serbian archive 7, Belgrade 2008, 163-173 (charter was prepared by Rade Mihaljčić)


In the beginning of the Father and fulfilment of the Son and Holy Spirit whom in the beginning with wonderful creation of the heavens established and founded His universe, and yet, for the sake of mercy and love for Mankind, he descended from the heavens to earth, and human nature, fallen in sin, through himself made divine and uplifted into heavens. And thus was everything from non-existence into existence turned and thus were the lost sheep of house of Israel returned to the true shepherd, God all sustaining, and thus were all imperial scepters across the universe affirmed so they could proudly celebrate the God all sustaining. Likewise, I, Stefan Ostoja, by grace of God, king of Serbs, Bosnia and Primorje, was made worthy to rule over the land of our parents and ancestors and to give justice and respect the rules, to give mercy and issue documents and my word to the cities and subjects, small and great, to each one according to their merit, and thus my kingdom stands in peace and glory.     

And then, to the illustrious court of my kingdom, to Podvisoki, noble and wise men arrived from famous city of Dubrovnik, nobility and heralds Žun Žurgović and Mihoč Rastić with worthy and expensive gifts and honors from the mentioned city of Dubrovnik, nobility and Municipality. And those mentioned heralds, with all love, asked us and politely insisted upon the contracts, laws and freedoms of the mentioned city of Dubrovnik, which they had in charters issued by our parents and ancestors, with Serbian, Rascian and Bosnian nobility, so that we would as well, in tradition of the mentioned nobility, confirm anew and establish freedoms, laws, charters and documents of our predecessors, Serbian, Rascian and Bosnian nobility.

And my kingdom, after hearing and understanding these proper, appropriate, reasonable and real appeals, did consult with the highest lady, by God given to me my lady queen Kujava and nobility and lords of my kingdom, did grace the mentioned city of Dubrovnik, nobility and entire Municipality of Dubrovnik, in regards to all of ours documents and charters, for their friendship, we affirmed all manner of charters and writings of the mentioned Serbian, Rascian and Bosnian lords and charter of king Tvrtko which he issued to the famous city of Dubrovnik in the 1378th year of Christ’s birth, in the month of April, on the tenth day and all other charters and documents and freedoms lawful and agreed upon, first and last, which was provided for them by the recorded king Stepan Tvrtko and all other lords which ruled before me, may they forever be undeniable and indisputable right of the mentioned city of Dubrovnik and complete Municipality from us and our heirs; likewise, may they always remain confident in all mentioned charters and laws and contracts and all freedoms of the mentioned Serbina, Rascian and Bosnian lords.

And the mentioned nobility and heralds of the city of Dubrovnik received and pledged to give my kingdom, from the mentioned city of Dubrovnik and from Municipality, the Serbian tax, two thousand of Dubrovnik perpers each year on day of St. Demetrius, by law and contract as they gave to our brother, deceased lord king Stepan Tvrtko.   

And to that written above, may it remain strong for ages to come, I, mentioned Stepan Ostoja, did pledge and swore with, by God given, my lady queen Kujava, by placing my hands upon the Holy Scripture and Lord’s holly cross with nobility of my kingdom: with voyevoda Hrvoje, with knyaz Pavle Radinović, with tepčija Batal, with voyevoda Sandalj, with voyevoda Pavle Klešić, with voyevoda Vlatko Tvrtković, with voyevoda Vukašin Milatović, with knyaz Radoe Radosalić, with knyaz Voisav, with knyaz Vukašin Zlatonosović, with knyaz Radoe Dragosalić, with knyaz Priboe Masnović, with knyaz Vuk Tepčić, with knyaz Kovač Dinčić.

And this was made to be indisputable until the end of our lives and theirs, so God has guided us in our rule. Whomever would defile or deny this, may all curses befall him and may he be cursed by God the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit and by all of those who pleased God and may he find himself in wrath of my kingdom.

Written in Sutiska, glorious court of my kingdom in the 1399th year of the Christ’s birth, on the fifth day of month of February. It was written by order of my kingdom by my scribe Hrvatin.

+ Lord Sir Stefan Ostoja, by grace of God king of Serbs, Bosnia and Primorje.