Charter was written on 15th April of 1391. Brothers Sanković cede zhupas of Konavle and Vitaljina to Dubrovnik asserting they are, in doing so, righting the wrongs done by Rascian and Zachlumian nobility. Borders of zhupas and obligations of their inhabitants towards Dubrovnik authorities are listed. Regarding its diplomatic form, document belongs to Zachlumia chancellery. It was written on parchment of German production style, which is rarity for Zachlumia. Charter states that St. George and Archangel Michael are slavas (slava is a family patron saint day celebration unique for Serbian Orthodox tradition) of Sanković brothers, St. George as slava of voyevoda Beljak and Archangel Michael as slava of voyevoda Radič. Charter exudes Orthodox spirit, most clearly seen from the part in which brothers swear “upon the Holy Scripture of the Christ’s gospel” and in addition “upon Saint George and Archangel Michael” holy cross, blessed Mother of God and “318 holy fathers of Nicaea and all God’s saints, both male and female”. This charter was first published by Pavle Karano-Tvrtković 1840. (Serbian monuments, 98, no. 78.). In its entirety, charter was published by Franc Miklošić (Monumenta Serbica, 217-219).

Literature: Old Serbian archive 7, Belgrade, 2008. 113-127, (charter prepared by Siniša Mišić).      


In name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amin. In year 1391st since the birth of Christ, in fifteenth day of month of April. Here, to every man, current and who will exist in the future and forever, we proclaim through this charter, so it may be known and understood, that I, zhupan Beljak and my brother voyevoda Radič, Sanković, did learn from old writings and old people with long memories, from good people who learned as it was passed from one generation to the next, and by the designated and known marks, where borders are. In place of Cavtat, by the sea, old city of Dubrovnik used to stand, located in zhupa Konavle and this zhupa, with other lands and places, were the heirdom of city of Dubrovnik, but in days when that illustrious city fell apart and grew desolate, Rascian and Zachlumian nobility wrongfully took possession of it, and with force claimed zhupa Konavle and other places of that city. Then citizens moved to a fortified place and built city of Dubrovnik which stands till this day and is, by the grace of God, free and respected, and from the people of the old city new nobility grew in number and inherited it. And now I, zhupan Beljak and voyevoda Radič have devised, given that it is completely just and decent, to return and give, to everyone, their rights and old noble heirdom, taking into consideration honors and services which city of Dubrovnik always performed for Rascian, Bosnian and Zachlumian nobility, and especially to our father Sanko and all of our ancestors. And knowing of love and friendship which our ancestors had, as do we with city of Dubrovnik, we wanted to return and give back to them their noble heirdom, as it should be done and as is proper, so today we gave, and affirm, and with this charter write it down for eternity, to nobility of Dubrovnik, zhupa Konavle with Donja gora and Soko city found within it, and all the villages and people and pastures and waters and mills and income, and everything belonging to zhupa Konavle, with all boundaries and borders which are with Trebinje and with Vrsnje, and up to border with Dračevica, and up to suburbs of Dubrovnik, and to the sea towards Cavtat and around, as the sea circles, up to Molunt and more, also, we give and affirm lands and villages of Vitaljina, up to its borders and boundaries, and to the sea up to anchorage of Molunat, with island, that is Molunat, belonging to Vitaljina, which are in zhupa Konavle and in the city and the places now inscribed above, to the heralds of Dubrovnik Žun Sorkočević and Palko Gundulić.     

We, zhupan Beljak and voyevoda Radič, swore on our faith and with oath written below, that we shall place it in keep and in authority and lordship, as their noble heirdom, of the municipality and nobility of city of Dubrovnik, and give into their hands and authority the garrison of the city of Soko and all of zhupas Konavle and Vitaljina, mentioned above, so they are at liberty, the nobility and Municipality of Dubrovnik, to act and arrange and govern over the city and the zhupa and places inscribed above, as with their own true and personal heirdom, as they can do with their earlier belongings and state.

And furthermore, we promise Municipality and nobility of Dubrovnik that we shall make nobles and prominent men from zhupas proclaim, with faith and oath, their allegiance and loyalty to Municipality and nobility of Dubrovnik, and if people of Konavle and Vitaljina refuse to accept authority of Dubrovnik, or if they disobey, or if they, at any time, rebel or display infidelity, we shall prosecute them and consider them our enemies and traitors to ourselves, and with all of our strength we shall convert them and subjugate them to lordship and authority of city of Dubrovnik. And furthermore, we promise to Municipality and nobility of Dubrovnik that we shall stand guard and protect zhupa and Soko city and places written above from all evildoings, violence, robbery and from any lord or noble, whoever he might be, which would try to either disturb or take zhupa or the city or the places inscribed above, or would want to commit any evil or crime. And we promise as well that if some man of ours would leave from our land and come to settle in zhupas Konavle or Vitaljina – he is free to do so, and neither we nor our men will prohibit it, nor shall we act wrongly towards that man; likewise – if someone from Konavle or from Vitaljina would move and settle in our land, Dubrovnik shall promise it would neither prohibit it nor act wrongly against them.

And, for all above written, consent was given by our ladies and sister Dragna and our uncle zhupan Gradoje, and our brothers Budela and Sančin, in their name and name of their children and descendants of all of us, and our nobility, especially Mile Tukleković with sons, and Vratoje Radonić with his sons and Stepko Ozrojević with sons. And for confirmation of everything written above, in hands of Žun Sorkočević and Palko Gundulić, heralds of the Municipality of Dubrovnik, we, Beljak and Radič, with all named above, on the Holy Scripture of the Christ’s gospel, with good faith and pure heart did swore with faith and soul, and our father and our ancestors Saint George and Archangel Michael, our christened names, to commit and finish and affirm everything written in this charter, so that our children and descendants and our nobility and every man at our command will carry out and do not disregard what is written here, nor any other lord or man, as far as our authority enables us.    

And we, signed above, shall not naysay nor break what is written here. If any of us, or someone else, would violate or naysay or commit some evil in contrast with this promise of ours, may anathema befall them and let them be cursed by God and the holy Virgin and the holy cross and by the twelve apostles and four evangelists and by Saint George and Archangel Michael, and by 318 holy fathers of Nicaea and all God’s saints, both male and female. May he be accomplice with Judas and the devil and curse of father and mother may befall those who would deny and spoil what is written here […] charter we affirmed and with our seals sealed.

And this was written by Grubanac Hlapčić Imoćanin, servant of zhupan Beljak and voyevoda Radič, and their dijak (scribe).